Community Impacts

Questions Local Leaders and Residents Should Be Asking

As oil and gas development activity expands across Ohio, it brings a wide array of issues and implications that may impact local communities, such as community service needs, population growth, environmental concerns and infrastructure impacts. Local communities must be prepared to understand and address these issues.

Potential Economic Impacts of Shale Oil and Gas Development

The development of shale gas brings with it an influx of activity and the potential of economic impacts, but the extent of this impact is a subject of debate. These recent studies conducted by The Ohio State University and other institutions address the predicted impact that oil and gas development will have on Ohio's economy.

Infrastructure Impacts

The development of shale resources increases truck and equipment traffic on Ohio's roads, bridges and other physical infrastructure. Many areas where development will take place are rural, and are not prepared to accommodate the increased stress on local infrastructure. For this reason, Ohio legislators recently passed a provision in Senate Bill 315 to address rural infrastructure needs. The new law requires an operator to work with county officials to address roadway needs in the area where the operator will be utilizing public roadways. The new law is Ohio Revised Code Section 1509.06(11)(b), effective September 10, 2012.

To assist counties entering into road use agreements, the County Engineers Association of Ohio has developed a sample road use maintenance agreement.

OSU Extension Shale Fact Sheet Series